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Holbox is a small and cosy island in the northern Caribbean located in the Yum Balam ecological reserve. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy, with accommodation alternatives for all tastes and tastes, ranging from camping, rustic cabins, bungalows, boutique hotels, but always in an environment that fits with the peace of the surroundings. You won't find big chain hotels here, but MIJ has the comfort you are looking for.

Its inhabitants are extremely environmentally conscious, so it is difficult to see a car driving on the island, here the way to get around is on foot or opt for golf carts, motorbikes or bicycles.

Isla Holbox has a great diversity of birds, for nature and ornithology lovers it is an ideal place, since you can see from white and brown pelicans to beautiful pink flamingos, among others.

Holbox Island, a hidden treasure in the Mexican Caribbean, awaits you with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life. Holbox is a destination that maintains its rustic and bohemian charm, with sandy streets and a relaxed atmosphere that will transport you to a world of serenity and natural beauty, with a wealth of flora and fauna in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean, Holbox is no exception and you can snorkel to enjoy the beauty and colour of its reefs.

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